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Yaren the stork, the lead actor in the fairy tale, is now just a click away.

Lovers of Yaren the stork! Hello everyone,

We are witnessing a wonderful friendship story which introduced Eskikaraağaç, Turkey’s sole representative of the stork village network of Europe, to the world.

The epic story of “Yaren the stork and Uncle Adem”, which made a throne in our hearts with their candid moments and re-showed that friendship does not recognize the species, continues with all its beauty.

Yaren the stork has been the mascot of our neighborhood for 11 years, everyone loved it very much; This year, she brought a new character to the story by bringing his husband along with the migration period.

With the contributions of our municipality, especially in recent years, Eskikarağaç, our stork village, has begun receiving the deserved share from tourism in terms of social and cultural activities. We have placed a camera close to the nest of Yaren the stork in order to show the difficulties in nature and to offer different activities to people in their homes.

Thanks to the intense demand from you, we conducted this project without interfering Yaren the stork and her family by any means. Now that you can watch the epic story which resembles La Fontaine Tales from out specially designed web site, .

Not finished yet!

In addition, while you have the opportunity to watch Yaren the stork and his family with the camera, you will also be able to witness peaceful moments in our stork village with bird chirping it daytime and singing of crickets in the nights thanks to the device that can record sound.

I wish everyone a pleasant time,

Mayor of Karacabey